Top Tips for Bagging Your Ideal job


We know job-seeking can be tough, so our experts have put together some essential tips to help you nail that interview and secure the job of your dreams. 

  • Sign up to our jobs email bulletin, we will then send you a regular list of the latest jobs being advertised in Purbeck.
  • Think about what you can offer an employer, what job would you be suited to? What are your skills? What is your experience? 
  • Use the Purbeck Jobs search tool to narrow down the jobs that you are suited to; you can search by location, salary, hours and job function.
  • When you have identified a job that you are interested in, read the job advert carefully to make sure that you are still interested and a good fit for the employer.
  • When you decide to apply for a job, understand how they expect people to apply. You may be required to send a CV or complete an application form.  If you get it wrong, your application may never be read.
  • Check the deadline for applications and make sure you get yours in on time.
  • When preparing a CV or an application form make sure you tailor it to the job that you are applying for and the skills you have that meet the job criteria. This is your chance to demonstrate how well suited you are to the job and the employer. Take a look at our Top Tips for Writing a Successful CV page.
  • Check your application thoroughly before sending it off. Check spelling, punctuation and grammar. In particular check peoples names, the name of the organization and the job title.
  • If you get an interview, practice some basic questions beforehand we've got a few suggestions ideas for interview questions here. Remember dress smartly and be punctual. Good luck.


If you are successful

Great news, congratulations. The team at Purbeck Jobs wishes you lots of luck in your new job.


If you are unsuccessful

Many employers are happy to provide feedback on applications and interviews, it can be really valuable to give them a call and hear what they have to say. They may give you some good advice that could help you secure a job next time.

If you need more help we can review and develop your CV and we can also provide interview coaching. Contact us for more information. 



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